Portable Ultrasound Therapy Unit


This portable ultrasound is a clinical grade therapeutic ultrasound device that helps with effective pain relief. The pulsed sound waves travel deep into the tissue and induce vasodilatation, which helps increase blood flow to the treated area and is found to help relieve pain and reduce muscle spasms. It comes uniquely equipped with a sound head pre-warming feature on an ergonomically designed sound head for increased patient comfort. Before starting therapy the sound head preheats so that it’s more comfortable and warm. Once therapy is engaged, the pre-warming feature turns off to allow for the most effective treatment.
With three output intensities, and three treatment time selections, it can provide a wide range of therapy treatments. The aluminum sound head is watertight for use in underwater therapy (for 30 minutes), though only the metal portion is watertight – you can not submerge the entire sound head.
This new and improved portable therapeutic ultrasound unit is a great choice for non-invasive pain relief. No more pain meds or pills, this unit is very similar to the one used in your Chiropractor or Physical Therapists’ office.
Product Features:
⦁ Operates in continuous mode (100% Duty Cycle).
⦁ Head warming feature pre-heats the sound head applicator for increased patient comfort
Watertight for use in underwater therapy (Ultrasound head only – IPX7)
Slectable output power intensities
Timer Settings (5, 10, or 15 minutes)
Small, ergonomic design that is easy to hold and portable
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Doctor Recommend & Patient Trusted
Comes complete with everything you need to start treatment right away:
Ultrasound Device
2oz Ultrasound Gel
AC/DC Adapter
Hard Carrying Case
Quick Start Guide
Instruction Manual
Product Specifications:
⦁ Ultrasound Modulation/Acoustic Frequency: 1.0 MHz ±10%
Temporal Maximum Output Power: 6.4W ± 20% (Modulation duty cycle at 100%)
Output Power:
(L) 0.32W ± 20%
(M) 3.20W ± 20%
(H) 6.40W ± 20%

⦁ Pulse Repetition Rate: 100Hz ± 10%
Modulation Duty Cycle (Duty Factor): (L) 5%, (M) 50%, (H) 100%)
Effective Radiating Area (ERA): 4.0 cm2 ± 20%
Beam Non-uniformity Ratio (BNR): 5.0 max

⦁ Effective Intensity: 1.6 W/cm2 ± 20% (Modulation duty cycle at 100%)
Effective Intensity:
⦁ (L) 0.08 W/cm2 ± 20%
(M) 0.80 W/cm2 ± 20%
(H) 1.60 W/cm2 ± 20%

⦁ Treatment Time: 5, 10, or 15 minutes
Preheat Time: 3-5 minutes
Wave Form: Pulsed or Continuous
Dimensions: 7.95″ L x 1.93″ W x 2.76″ H (202 x 49 x 70mm)
Weight: 0.43 lbs (193g) (without adapter)
Material of Applicator: Aluminum
Beam Type: Collimated
Ultrasound Programs:
⦁ Low (L)
Duty Factor: 5%
Output Power: 0.08 W/cm2 ± 20%
Medium (M)
⦁ Duty Factor: 50%
Output Power: 0.80 W/cm2 ± 20%
High (H)
Duty Factor: 100%
Output Power: 1.60 W/cm2 ± 20

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