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Acute and chronic bronchitis · Acute and chronic rhinitis · Acute pneumonia · Alveolysis · Arthritis, arthrosis of phalanges of hand and foot · Arthritis, arthrosis · Arthritis, gonarthrosis · Arthritis, hip joint arthrosis · Arthritis, wrist joint arthrosis · Axilla glandular inflammation · Bone fractures ·Bronchial allergy Calcaneal spur Cervical erosion Cholecystitis Concussions Decubitus Dermatitis Disruption and hydrops of mamilla Dyskinesia of bile passages Eczema Endodontitis

How to use:

Start the radiation mode only after placement of the radiator onto the point (zone) of affection

The aim of the treatment method, the therapeutic doses, and the control of the results of treatment, shall be made by the Physiotherapist

Always wear protective glasses

Product description

The Device generates several radiation types at the same time (laser pulse-modulated radiation of infrared wave-range, continuous laser radiation of the visible red light and radiation of permanent magnetic field), each of them being curative, and in combination, they provide a more expressed curative effect.

The Device has successfully underwent its clinical tests at the Scientific-Research Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics, the Dermatovenerologic Dispensary of Minsk, the Physiotherapy Division of the Belarusian Medical Academy of Post-Diploma Training of the Ministry of Public Health of the Republic of Belarus, and has been recommended for medical practice because of its efficiency and operating safety.

The device may be applied both independently, and combined with medication, which in a number of cases allows a reduction in the duration and volume of medication. Treatment with this device does not prevent application of any other traditional and non-traditional treatment methodologies.

Application of this device does not elicit pain; it is very safe to operate. Treatment can be administered in doses, variable by duration and by radiation power. The advantageous features of this device among other devices of its class are its reliability, compactness, ease and comfort of operation.

The methods of using the laser therapy provided in the present Methodical Guide are broadly known and have been applied in clinical practice for many years.

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